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Nathan Jackson



Nathan Jackson is a partner within Jurassic Fuel Trading, LLC (“JFT”). Mr. Jackson has worked with oil producers, refineries, trading and logistics companies for more than 21 years.  During these past 21 years, he has had active experience and participation in marketing petroleum, chemicals, lubricants (manufacturing/ blending, production process).

For the past eight years, Mr. Jackson has been active in the fuel trading business as an independent intermediary, i.e., broker/consultant. His knowledge of the upstream crude oil exploration business, refined petroleum products (fuel) industry has afforded him the opportunity to develop active relationships with both Buyers/Sellers within the fuel trading industry.

In 2015, Nathan Jackson joined Dennis Kittler to form Jurassic Fuel Trading, LLC providing important leadership from his past eight years working successfully closing fuel trading deals between both Sellers and Buyers both domestically and internationally.


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